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Extreme Bike FlipWhere can you see climbers attempting 90-degree angle cliffs without any safety ropes or swimmers diving into treacherous, level-4 rapids with no boat, raft or protection or  Kayakers ripping down snow-covered black diamond ski runs in the Alps…skiers parachuting off cliffs so high they’re above the clouds… motorcycles daring to jump the length of a football field and many other mind-blowing, incredible feats too numerous to mention?

The Extreme Sports Network.  That’s where!

ESN has production teams around the globe filming some of the most breathtaking, riveting, rarely-seen footage ever produced and can be seen on DISH Network starting in August 09' on Channel 230.

Soon ESN viewers will be able to see the land speed record challenge for Extreme Street Luge.  After these daring athletes hit speeds in excess of 100 mph, their rockets are fired--pushing speeds in excess of 150 mph while they try to lay as still as possible just inches off the ground knowing the slightest shift in weight could spell total disaster.

We consistently redefine “Pushing the envelope.”

The Extreme Sports Network is about to go national.  In addition, with global interest in extreme sports exploding and the easy translation to any language, ESN currently is in negotiation with 8 different countries to carry their programming.

ESN travels the globe to bring viewers the most spectacular action sports they have ever seen.  ESN began broadcasting in Sacramento on Comcast 10 years ago.  Its emphasis is on family-friendly programming, so everyone can spend time together watching something exciting and entertaining to both parents and kids alike.



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